What do you want to film?
NITRO_CIRCUS_FALL_2014-145 From action cams, through SLRs, to Reds, whatever your project, our team will be there to help your ideas fly. Your audience will be blown away, your clients will revere you, your competition will envy.
CJS Solar Field1 - Small High Resolution Still Images done right. We combine our equipment and talents to help you get the shot you needed. Documentaries, Marketing, Sports, Real Estate, Aerial Inspections, Agriculture.
DJI_RONIN Ronin Stabilized Gimbals have truly revolutionized filming. We offer a unique ability to quickly move the gimbal from UAV to handheld/crane, no down-time, no hassle, all angles covered.
resize3 Looking to enhance your project with great aerial footage? We help acquire aerial footage to client’s specifications, simply tell us your idea, and allow us turn it into reality. Impressive B-roll shots have never been this easy to get.
Franklin_Fire_1 UAVs are a fantastic tool that make any structural inspection a breeze. We can do what full-size aircraft or climbers can’t, at lower cost and with less safety concerns. Cell Towers, Solar Panels, Land, Construction Progress, Environmental Projects, Architectural planing, we give “aerial inspection” a whole new meaning.
z15_gh4_hd_6 We build custom drones, whether you’re looking for a heavy-lift capabilities, or endurance, we have what it takes to help you build the machine you need. Our build services include training. Looking to rent a unit? We do that too…
SKYVUE_WORKSHOP_DMC_WK3_2013_JAM-1 We teach UAV operations, safety, regulations, building and maintenance to various industries looking to implement and use UAV technology.
Real Estate
DSC00155 Help your listings stand out and capture more prospective clients. Showcase not only the property, but more importantly the location in one of the most impactful ways available today.
Our Team
With over a combined 20 years of radio controlled aviation experience SkyVue has had the knowledge and skills to safely operate Aerial UAVs well before you have heard of them!
Greg Gomes
  • Flight Op
  • Licensed FAA Pilot
  • Technical Officer
Chief Pilot
Josh Spooner
  • Camera Op
  • Video Editer
  • Media Tech
Visual Designer
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